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Accelerated Freefall course

AFF stands for Accelerated Free Fall. This does not mean you fall faster. No, it means that without any previous experience you will be able to learn how to make a freefall skydive, the essence of jumping, after just seven jumps! How does this work? 

The AFF course consists of seven increasingly more difficult levels. For each level there are certain targets to be met before you can go to the next level. During the first three levels you are guided by two licensed AFF-instructors. From level four to seven you jump with one instructor. Because our instructors guide you through the freefall, the learning process is accelerated compared to other conventional training. Firstly because during freefall they pass on in-air corrections through hand signals. Secondly because by being directly involved they can give a correct and specific evaluation.  Nice extra is that you will get all the available visual material for free.

One of our specialist instructors will give you an individually orientated ground course (a maximum of 8 students per week). The ground course is aimed at your individual tempo, experience, condition and can last between from half up to a full day. It concerns essential techniques such as being able to do a stable freefall, altitude awareness, mastering the reserve procedure and opening and handling the main parachute properly.

After proper preparation you will fly with your instructors to an altitude of 4 kilometers. They will guide you from the first to the last second of the freefall which will last about a minute. During the skydive they will correct your body position and pay attention to every detail needed for a splendid jump. Even when you fail to open your main parachute at the planned altitude there is no problem. The instructor will not let you freefall for one second longer than is safe and if needed will open your parachute for you. 

AFF is skydiving from the very first second. After your square parachute is open you will fly to the student landing area on you own.  

Level 7 of the course is the examination jump. Here you will have to show that you have mastered all the acquired techniques. After a successful examination jump you can skydive on your own and there is time for celebration!

This course was developed during the eighties, refined in the nineties and is now the norm for the modern jumper. Of course you are not an experienced skydiver after seven jumps, but you will undoubtedly become one with this solid base! The costs of the AFF course are 1195,- (this includes the ground course, instruction, 7 jumps, third party insurance, gear rental and packing of the parachute).   

Conditions for taking part in the course:  

  •  Minimum age 16 years.
  •  For minors: signature from parents/guardians.
  •  Valid medical declaration for parachuting.
  • Passportphoto
  • Maximum weight 100 kilograms.

The course starts on Monday morning 9.00 o' clock and ends on friday or earlier when you've passed the 7 levels.

If you're looking for accommodation, we recommend "the home of skydivers" Hotel De Kievit. To make a reservation contact the hotel through telephone number +31 (0) 222-311466. E-mail at or follow the link: Hotel de Kievit for more information.

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Accelerated Freefall course
Accelerated Freefall course
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