Harnas test

All jumpers that are not yet in possession of their B licence (does not apply to tandem passengers) need to have a valid ‘harnas test’ to be able to jump in The Netherlands if they’re registered with the Dutch skydive association KNVvL.

A harnas test automatically expires after three months.

Performing the test is free if you schedule an appointment for it. You can use the form below to request an appointment. If you don’t make an appointment we’ll charge you €35,-

    Harnastest request form

    Signup: English TJE course
    medical declaration form

    Refresher courses

    If you, as a jumper, haven’t jumper for six months or more, you’re considered to be ‘not-current’ anymore. Before you can do your next jump you’ll have to retake (part) of your groundschool. Read: you’ll need to take a refresher course.

    It’s up to our chief instructor how extensive the refresher needs to be until your signed off to jump at our dropzone. If you have just a few jumps under your belt you expect a more thorough refresher than if you’ve made thousands of jumps.

    Different variants of the refresher course:

    • Short ground instruction 
      Basically a very extended Harnestest followed by a modified jump (only for very experienced jumpers). If you make an appointment there’s no charge for this.
    • Limited refresher course
      Shortened version of groundschool followed by a jump with one instructor.
    • Full refresher course
      Full groundschool followed by a jump with one instructor.

    Refresher courses can be booked and paid at our front desk.

    Use the contactform at the bottom of this page to contact the Chief Instructor. You can discuss with our Chief Instructor what refresher course you’ll need and when you can take it.

    repeat jumps

    During the AFF course every one of the seven jumps is practically a minor practical test which you need to pass to go on to the next level. Pass and fail criteria are set for each level and it’s very important that we strictly adhere to these criteria. That way, when you’re cleared to jump solo after you graduate, you’ll really be ready to jump solo safely.

    Sometimes a jumper doesn’t meet all criteria to pass a level and will have to do a repeater jump until all practical criteria are met. 

    Different variants of repeat jumps:

    • Level 1, 2 or 3 repeat jump
      A jump with 2 instructors (applies to level 1, 2 and 3).
    • Level 4, 5, 6 or 7 repeat jump
      A jump with 1 instructor (applies to level 4, 5, 6 and 7).

    Repeat jumps can be purchased at our front desk.

    refresher courses and repeat jump prices

    Limited refresher course
    Extensive harnastest and a jump with 1 instructor.
    Briefing and instruction
    Jump from 13000 ft
    1 instructor
    Gear rental
    Parachute packjob
    Video debriefing
    Footage from the jump



    This refresher course is ideal for new jumpers (AFF graduates) that haven’t made a lot of jumps yet and that can use a refresher at the beginning of a new jumpseason. Sometimes this course is done by jumpers with bigger jump numbers that just aren’t current anymore.

    full refresher course
    Groundschool and a jump with 1 instructor.
    AFF groundschool
    Briefing and instruction
    Jump from 13000 ft
    1 instructor
    Gear rental
    Parachute packjob
    Video debriefing
    Footage from the jump



    This refresher course is ideal for new jumpers (AFF graduates) that haven’t made a lot of jumps yet. To be determined by the chief instructor.

    Level 1, 2 or 3 repeat jump
    Level 1, 2 or 3 repeat jump
    Briefing and instruction
    Jump from 13000 ft
    2 instructors
    Gear rental
    Parachute packjob
    Video debriefing
    Footage from the jump



    For AFF students that failed to pass a level 1,2 or 3 jump.

    Level 4, 5, 6 or 7 repeat jump
    Level 4, 5, 6 or 7 repeat jump
    Briefing and instruction
    Jump from 13000 ft
    1 instructor
    Gear rental
    Parachute packjob
    Video debriefing
    Footage from the jump



    For AFF students that failed to pass a level 4,5, 6 or 7 jump.

      Aks the Chief Instructeur your question

      Frequently asked questions

      A lot of jumpers have a few questions, especially if they’re now to jumping at a new dropzone. Checkout a selection of F.A.Q.’s below or visit the dedicated frequently asked questions page.

      Courses: general

      The AFF-course (Accelerated Free Fall) is the most common teaching method to learn how to jump fully independent out of an airplane. This includes the free fall, as well as the knowledge how to handle the parachute and the landings. If you successfully finished this course you may jump independently (solo) as a sports-parachutist.

      The FJC (First JumpC ourse) is an amazing opportunity to get a taste of Skydiving. In this course you will be busy with learning how to handle the parachute. After one day ground instructions, you will be jumping out of the airplane with a static line attached to the airplane. Hence, you will not feel the free fall yet,but know how to fly under a parachute. After 5 static line jumps you will have earned your static line brevet (and also your Wing).

      The TJE (TotalJumpExperience) is your chance to learn how to fly under the parachute, by doing one day ground instructions and 5 static line jumps, followed by a first AFF jump, in which you will experience the free fall. This means after this course you only need another 6 AFF jumps to be an independent (solo) parachutist.

      On the first day of your course you will need:

      • Your medical examniation paper *
      • Two passport photos
      • If applicable: your voucher
      • If applicable: your payment confirmation
      • Casual/ sporty clothing
      • Solid shoes (without open heels or high-heels)
      • Enough water & sunscreen

      * The medical examination needs to be signed by a doctor, with his stemp and his BIG number.

      Download Medical Examination Paper

      Well begun is half done:

      • Make sure you are on time fir the registration. The courses start at 9am. Depending on your travel distance, it might be good to arrive a day earlier, since you also need to take the times of the ferry into account. This way you will be fit and well rested on your first day of the course.
      • Wear solid shoes!

      Not sure whether jumping out of an airplane is the right thing for you?

      Try a tandemjump with us, you will make the first experience of the exit out of an airplane, the free fall, steering a parachute and landing back on earth. Most of our course participant have been infected with the stoke for parachuting after a tandemjump!

      Yes. Without a medical examination you are not allowed to participate in any of the jump courses we offer (e.g. AFF, FJC, TJE).

      The medical examination can be done by any general practitioner and usually does not take any longer than 5 minutes.

      Attention: The medical examination is only valid if stemped and signed by the general practitioner.

      Sportjumpers who have not finished their A-Licence need to refresh/ renew their medication examination every two years.

      Download Medical Examination Paper

      The minimum age for sport jumpers is 16, which means that also participants may not be younger then 16. Nonetheless, till your 18th birthday you need the written allowance of your parents or legal guardian to participate in a jumping course.

      Parachuting is a very age-diverse sport. Many jumpers keep jumping till age 60, 70 or 80.

      However, to start jumping out of an airplane is different then being experienced and continuing throughout his/ her life. The most important fact is your physicalhealth. Hence, please inform us if you are older than 50 years. We will then talk with you and see what options we can offer, especially since safety of all our participants is the most important to us!

      If you cannot finish your course in one go (e.g. because of bad weather conditions), then you have the chance to finish it within one year.

      However, play attention to the following rules:

      • A harness-test is valid for 3 months. If you do not have a valid harness-test anymore you need to do a new harness-test. (This is the case for all sportjumpers who do not have a finished B-License.
      • The ground-course is valid for 6 months. Hence, if you have not jumped within these 6 months, you need to participate again in ground-instructions.
      • In order to participate in a Dutch jumpcourse you need to be insured via the Dutch jumpers association (KNVvL). This insurance is valid for 1 years and needs to be possibly re-freshed if you finish your course much later in time.

      These rules are applicable to all our courses offered.

      An important fact that is also good to know: Paracentrum Texel is daily open from April till October!

      When you book your course you'll automatically be signed up as a trial member at the Dutch National Parachuting association (KNVvL). Parachute jumping activities insurance is included for all members. The insurance policy is valid for a year.


      Paracentrum Texel BV
      Postweg 128
      1795 JS De Cocksdorp, Texel

      Tel: +31(0) 222 311464
      Fax:+31(0)222 311414


      By car:

      In Den Helder you will take the ferry to Texel. The ferryride will take about 20 minutes, for which no prereservation is needed.

      Once you get off the ferry, you need to ride into the direction of Den Burg. At the second roundabout you will take the first exit to the right (exit 10) into the direction of De Cocksdorp.

      From there follow the sign indicating "vliegveld". You will see the airport on your right hand side.

      With public transport:

      You can park your car in Den Helder, take the ferry as a pedastrian and use the public transportation on Texel.

      You can use a Texelhopper to get a ride from the ferry terminal to the Paracentrum Texel. It needs to be booked at least an hour before depature via phone under 0222-784 000 or online via texelhopper.nl.
      The Texelhopper will be waiting for you to step in right in front of the pedestrian exit of the ferry.

      Pay attention: the bigger busses such as Connexxion (lijn 28 and 828), will not pass Paracentrum Texel, but only ride to Den Burg and De Koog. To get to the airport on Texel you must take a Texelhopper.

      The ferry leaves Den Helder every hour starting from 6.30am (7.30, 8.30, etc.) till the last ferry ride at 9.30pm.

      During highseason (July and August), as well as on the weekends there might be additional ferry rides. For more information and detailed information for specific dates please check www.teso.nl.

      The ferry leaves Texel on top of the hour starting at 6am (7am, 8am, etc.), with the last ride to Den Helder at 9pm.

      At 'Texel International Airport' is a lot to see and experience.


      • Rondvluchten
      • Introduction flightlessons
      • Check on Tessel Air for more information!

      Aircraft & War Museum Texel

      • A nice activity for everyone
      • For more information check on www.lomt.nl

      Restaurant 'De Horizon'

      • Breakfast, lunch, coffee & tea, snacks
      • Big sun-terrace
      • Frehsly renovated interior
      • Chargingstation for E-Bikes
      • Big bouncy cushion for kids

      Hotel Airport Texel

      Glider's Club Texel

      • More information on floating through the air you can find here:www.mzct.nl

      Texel is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Netherlands, hence there is a lot to see and experience on the island.

      Check the website of the local tourism office VVV Texel
      for an overview of fun things to see and do on Texel. To check for specific events, this Of bekijk de agenda:  will help.

      A few suggestions:

      Texel has 7 villages and many smaller options for accommodations and overnight-stays. Texel International Airport is nearly from every location on the island easy to reach, so choose a location that is most comfortable for your to come to the airport from your accommodations for your jump.

      The local Tourism Office VVV can help you making a good choice for your stay on Texel.

      For our course participants we suggest "De Kievit" "De Kievit", "The home of the skydivers".

      Tourism Office Texel (VVV) Hotel De Kievit

      Yes, you can rent a bike at the Restaurant, unfortunately no cars.

      Yes, there is an option to charge your E-Bike. However, not yet an option to charge an electro-car.