We love funjumpers!

About the Dropzone

Paracentrum Texel is an ideal dropzone for the experienced skydiver. We’ve got everyhing to get a jumper’s hart pumping.

  • 3 x C-208B Supervan
  • 13.000 ft. default altitude
  • Hop ‘n pops from 5.000 ft.
  • Coaches & courses (in all disciplines)
  • Loft, shop and gear-rental
  • Self manifesting with Burble DZM
  • Hottubs & (jump)parties
Sportjumper Waiver Medical declaration

coaching on texel

Our Paracentrum Texel is home to experts in all skydive disciplines. Experienced jumpers that have earned their stripes nationally as well as internationally.

Whether your looking for individual coaching and “in-air” instruction, a 4-man team, large formationjumps or to learn how to freefly.

Our coaches garuantee that you can efficiently work to master the finer points on your own level and in your own pace.

At the Paracentrum there’s a coach for every discipline.

learn about our advanced courses


Landing in front of the hangar

Jumpers with at least 100 jumps may request for a briefing to land in front of the hangar in the gravel pit. Permission to do so may then be granted.

Some 100 meters north of the landingarea in front of the hangar is our secondary landingarea. It’s always nice to have an alternative when the circuits very busy.

lot’s of (fast) loads

All our jump planes are Cessna 208’s and equipped with the Texas Turbines upgrade to 900HP Supervan, making them Supervans. Read: these planes will get you to exit altitude in no time.

Because we service a lot of Tandemjumpers, many of whom walk-ins, we fly a lot of loads on a daily basis with plenty of room left for funjumpers.

On busy days, when there are a lot of Tandemjumpers, of when an 8-man team is training, we take a second Supervan out. Meaning that there’s always plenty of space.

13000′ by default

We’re very fortunate to located in an area where we’re able to go to 13.000′ and 15.000′ without holdings.

You don’t have to worry if your load will be able to go all the way up.

During high-altide weekends, or when there’s sufficient demand, we don’t go up to 13.000′ but to 15.000′.

Everything to brief and de-brief

Team-rooms equipped with a monitor, multimedia setup and a refrigirator are available for visiting teams.

Mockups are available as well (one high and one low) to dry-run your exits.
A very large creeper area will cater to any bellyflyers need, with ample space to lay down the largest of formations. Creepers are available as well.

And after a long day of jumping our hottubs offer a welcome reprieve for sore muscles.

Manifest yourself and your friends with the app

We use the Burble Manifest System to run our Dropzone. One of the benefits is that you can check each loads status on one of the many displays that are located all over the dropzone.

With the BurbleMe mobiel app for iOS and Android you can manifest yourself as well as your teammates. The app also provides you abilities such as checking your account and to report your physical position to manifest in case you land outside of the DZ.

You can download the BurbleMe app for iOS in the appstore and for Android in the Playstore.

Read more about Burble on the Burble information page on our website.

isola ‘quip

Riggersloft Isola ‘Quip is equiped with 3 riggers, of whom two are Master-Riggers. In the event your gear needs any specialized care we’ve got everything you might need in-house to get you back up in the air as soon as possible.

Isola ‘Quip also supports a well stocked store. Especially where altimeters and audibles are concerned.


To pack or let pack

On our Dropzone we have ample packers available to service evey funjumpers and teamjumpers packing needs.

For teams it’s possible to make special arrangements to make sure that you’ll all be able to jump back to back.

For who’d rather pack their own parachute a large packing area is available, inside in the hangar. Great tunes over our speaker system are complementary.

Upcoming events

Frequently asked questions

Check out the questions (and answers) we get asked the most. There’s also a dedicated F.A.Q. page.

Burble / Burbleme

Met de BurbleMe app kunnen zelfstandig springende parachutisten een heleboel. Een opsomming van de belangrijkste features:

  • Manifesten (in een vlucht / load plaatsen)
  • Geld op account bekijken
  • Transactie historie bekijken / emailen
  • Locatie aan manifest doorgeven 
  • Aan een Load Organiser toestemming geven om zich te laten manifesten
  • Als Load Organiser een groep of team manifesten
  • Logboek functie
  • Spring historie aantonen bij andere Dropzone's die ook met Burble werken

Nee, dat hoeft niet. De BurbleMe app maakt het mogelijk dat je veel zelf kùnt, maar niets moet.

Geen zorgen dus als je telefoon leeg is of als je er gewoon geen zin in hebt.

De BurbleMe app is beschikbaar voor Android en voor iOS.

Je kunt je Burble account hier online bewerken: https://burblesoft.com/login/me.

Over de hele Dropzone zijn informatie schermen geplaatst waar je de komende loads op kunt zien. Hier kun je de schermen vinden:

  • In de winkel bij de balie 
  • Onder de trap bij de packers
  • Aan de muur van de hangaar
  • In de blokhut


Paracentrum Texel BV
Postweg 128
1795 JS De Cocksdorp, Texel

Tel: +31(0) 222 311464
Fax:+31(0)222 311414


By car:

In Den Helder you will take the ferry to Texel. The ferryride will take about 20 minutes, for which no prereservation is needed.

Once you get off the ferry, you need to ride into the direction of Den Burg. At the second roundabout you will take the first exit to the right (exit 10) into the direction of De Cocksdorp.

From there follow the sign indicating "vliegveld". You will see the airport on your right hand side.

With public transport:

You can park your car in Den Helder, take the ferry as a pedastrian and use the public transportation on Texel.

You can use a Texelhopper to get a ride from the ferry terminal to the Paracentrum Texel. It needs to be booked at least an hour before depature via phone under 0222-784 000 or online via texelhopper.nl.
The Texelhopper will be waiting for you to step in right in front of the pedestrian exit of the ferry.

Pay attention: the bigger busses such as Connexxion (lijn 28 and 828), will not pass Paracentrum Texel, but only ride to Den Burg and De Koog. To get to the airport on Texel you must take a Texelhopper.

The ferry leaves Den Helder every hour starting from 6.30am (7.30, 8.30, etc.) till the last ferry ride at 9.30pm.

During highseason (July and August), as well as on the weekends there might be additional ferry rides. For more information and detailed information for specific dates please check www.teso.nl.

The ferry leaves Texel on top of the hour starting at 6am (7am, 8am, etc.), with the last ride to Den Helder at 9pm.

At 'Texel International Airport' is a lot to see and experience.


  • Rondvluchten
  • Introduction flightlessons
  • Check on Tessel Air for more information!

Aircraft & War Museum Texel

  • A nice activity for everyone
  • For more information check on www.lomt.nl

Restaurant 'De Horizon'

  • Breakfast, lunch, coffee & tea, snacks
  • Big sun-terrace
  • Frehsly renovated interior
  • Chargingstation for E-Bikes
  • Big bouncy cushion for kids

Hotel Airport Texel

Glider's Club Texel

  • More information on floating through the air you can find here:www.mzct.nl

Texel is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Netherlands, hence there is a lot to see and experience on the island.

Check the website of the local tourism office VVV Texel
for an overview of fun things to see and do on Texel. To check for specific events, this Of bekijk de agenda:  will help.

A few suggestions:

Texel has 7 villages and many smaller options for accommodations and overnight-stays. Texel International Airport is nearly from every location on the island easy to reach, so choose a location that is most comfortable for your to come to the airport from your accommodations for your jump.

The local Tourism Office VVV can help you making a good choice for your stay on Texel.

For our course participants we suggest "De Kievit" "De Kievit", "The home of the skydivers".

Tourism Office Texel (VVV) Hotel De Kievit

Yes, you can rent a bike at the Restaurant, unfortunately no cars.

Yes, there is an option to charge your E-Bike. However, not yet an option to charge an electro-car.