Cessna 208A caravan / supervan

After an introduction with the Cessna 208 Caravan I (N1002H), it was decided to replace Paracentrum Texel’s old Pilatus Porter (PH-MEN) with the PH-JAS.
The PH-JAS became the main plane of the fleet. An order for the JAS was made at the Cessna factory in 1993 (serial: 20800226). On 13 March 1993, founder Bob Rienks flew the PH-JAS with Edwin Boshoff from Wichita (Kansas, USA) to Texel with stopovers in Greenland, Iceland and England.

The plane underwent a high performance upgrade in 2013, whereby the default engine was replaced by a Texas Turbine model. This reduced the plane’s noise and increased its climbing rate. Due to the substantial decrease in flying time, we also use less fuel per flight.


Time to 13.000ft: 
Climbing rate: 

8 minutes *
1600 ft / minute *

When the aircraft is fully loaded



C208A Caravan to Supervan
900HP (Texas Turbines converted)
Hartzell 110″ four-blade