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Gutschein Probeflug 60 Minuten

Have you always dreamed of becoming a pilot? Or do you simply want to know how it feels to control an airplane? This is the right address! You can expierence the feeling of flying through the air as free as a bird in one of our Cessna airplanes with double steering. No experience or knowledge is needed for this unique expierence!

Our pilot will explain the basic principles of steering and flying on the ground. After that, you will board the plane together with the pilot and taxi to the runway. The pilot will do the take-off and landing, but in the air above the island, you will be flying!

This package includes 20 minutes instruction and 40 minutes flying assisted by a professional pilot. After a safe landing you will receive a certificate to remember this fantastic experience!

Gutschein Probeflug 60 Minuten
Gutschein Probeflug 60 Minuten
€ 300,00

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